Cancellation and Missed Appointment Policy


Because we care so much about you and value you as our patient, we have comprised a NEW office policy regarding missed appointments and cancelled appointments.

This new policy has become a necessity and will affect all patients.  It would be a disservice to you if we did not emphasize the importance of your own commitment to your dental care.

Your commitment to yourself and to us is to KEEP YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT.  As always we will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling needs and keep our schedule “on time”.  In return, we ask that you help us by keeping your scheduled appointments and by notifying us 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO DO SO.

Consider your appointment with Dr. D’Angelo as your personal reservation. And, as with all reservations you make (such as airline or hotel), there must be a cancellation policy.


1) As a courtesy to you, we will make every effort to confirm your reserved appointment.  But, please do not consider it our responsibility to do so.  If our attempts are unsuccessful, it is still your responsibility to keep your reserved appointment or contact us 48 hours in advance to change or cancel the reserved time.

2) All patients who fail to arrive for their reserved appointments or who cancel without 48 hours advance notice will be charged a missed appointment fee.  Please note that this missed appointment fee is NOT covered by any insurance plans and is your responsibility to pay.  Fee shall be waived only for unforeseen circumstances at Dr. D’Angelo’s discretion.

3) If missed appointments become repeated, any future appointments will require a credit card number to be kept on file and used immediately for a missed appointment fee.

In keeping with our high standards of dentistry, we prefer to accommodate all of our patients with longer, comfortable appointments.  We know with busy and hectic life styles, this is what most patients prefer.  In doing so, a one hour reserved appointment that is missed or cancelled late can upset an entire schedule.

We appreciate all of our patients and it is not our intent to offend anyone.  With your compliance, we will be more able to keep our schedule “on time”, accommodate any emergencies and help patients on our waiting list.  We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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